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About our work

We are a charitable company for one reason, to help others wherever they are and however we can. The idea of reaching out and offering our support is fundamental to our beliefs and you can play a vital role in our efforts to make a difference.

We know that when it comes to giving it’s very much a matter of personal choice, therefore we have started the process by choosing four respected and well established charities. You can now decide which of these causes you would like to support. We understand it may be a difficult decision however any good will that will help them continue their work is a bonus and will be much appreciated.

Which charity would you like to support?

As a company with compassion, we have made a pledge on your behalf to donate a percentage of your order value to the charity of your choice, It’s an honest gesture demonstrating that we care about much more than just our bottom line.   Regardless of nationality, beliefs or religion we feel that by offering a helping hand to others, we can make a difference. We are very humbled to contribute alongside you and there is no better feeling than giving.   Please complete the form to donate. If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, please give us a call or send an email.   Thank you May God be with you

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